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Starting This Community

This is a community for people who like to invert/reverse their cat photos and make them into "Ghost Cats". Please use only photos of cats that belong to you, or people you know. Black cats come out best as "ghosts", but the others can be very interesting. Play nice. Nothing obscene, please. Watch your language too. Do not upset the ghost cats.

So, introduce us to your feline phantoms. I'll start...

My "GhostCat" is officially named "Mistress Lace"- She who walks through shadows on misted paws. We just call her "Misty". She is several different shades of black. Her personality is that of a complete sweetheart. No demon kitty here. She's very cautious, but not cowardly. She watches over my domain faithfully and alerts me to any problem. Quite a change from my last cat, who was a hellcat (Sorry, Tinker!). Here are some "Ghost Shots".

There she is, now let's meet yours....
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